A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Isn't 13 the luckiest of all the numbers? Give this game a try and find out!!!

This is a casual block matching game with mechanics simple enough for a beginner.

This is a cerebral block matching game that will require strategy in order to complete.

- Touch a block with at least one neighbor of the same value and color
- All connected blocks of the same value and color will collapse onto the clicked block
- All other connected blocks will disappear and be replaced with random new blocks
- The collapsed block will increase its value by one and color accordingly
- If you can get to 13 then you win!!!

- Casual gameplay with quick mechanics for fast play
- Four different board sizes to master
- Soothing music
- Slick graphics
- Google Play Leaderboards*
- No internet connection required (only for Leaderboards and IAP if desired)*
- IAP only to remove Ads and unlock larger boards*

*Only apply to the Android version on Google Play

Install instructions

1 - Must have Java installed on your computer

2 - Download file

3 - Double click to run


Lucky 13.jar 30 MB

Also available on

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